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Educational material testing equipment


Hand operated Educational universal material tester - HMT.20EH


The HMT.20EH is an universal hydraulic hand operated apparatus, designed to test mechanical properties of materials. It can achieve forces of up to 23 kN, with minimal strain on the operators hands.

The HMT.20EH is primarily designed as an educational device, but can be used for other means.

Operation is possible with or without PC support. The HMT.20EH features a strong and rigid construction and clear layout for easy understanding of test performance. A large base provides stability and is equipped with 4 handles for easy movement, if required. Force is displayed on a large dial gauge with 0 - 20 kN range, with a drag pointer to show maximum force. Deformation is displayed on a dial gauge. The hydraulic system is manually operated with a hand pump


The optional mechanical plotter allows the recording of test piece behavior. HMT.20EH is equipped with electronic sensors and has a USB interface for PC supported experiments. All tests are PC supported with a powerfull software package.

The apparatus comes with accessories for the following tests:


1. Tensile test

according to DIN 50125,

2. Compression test

according to DIN 50106


3. Bending test

according to DIN 50110 and 52186,


4. Shear test

according to DIN 50141,




5. Brinell hardness test

according to EN 10003,



6. Deep draw according to Erichsen,






7. Testing of disc and helical springs

Machine and frame operation

Dimensions (L x W x H)

500 mm x 380 mm x 705 mm


48 kg

Max. test force

23 kN

Max. piston stroke

54.0 mm

Force transducer

full bridge DSM

Dilatation transducer

linear potentiometer

0 - 50 mm


VG 46


USB 2.0

Motor operated Educational Universal material tester - HMT.50EM

The Universal material tester HMT.50EM is a large electric motor driven, floor-standing machine. It is distinguished by its rigid construction, accurate control and a strong yet precise hydraulic system for applying loads of up to 50 kN.

HMT.50EM is designed with a clear layout for easy understanding of the test procedure. A large base provides stability. The test area is variable with a height adjustable crosshead. Its hydraulic system is motor operated. Force measurement is performed by a 50 kN/0.5% o. FS load cell. Deformation measurement is done with a highly precise linear potentiometer.


The HMT.50EM is primary designed as an educational device, but it is versatile and usefull also for other purposes.


HMT.50EM tests are fully computer supported.

Tests possible with HMT.50EM include:

1. Tensile test – DIN 50125

2. Compression test – DIN 50106

3. Shear test – DIN 50110 & 52186

5. HBS Brinell test – EN 100034. bending test – DIN 50141

6. Deep draw test - Erichsen

Machine frame

Dimensions (L x W x H)       

800 mm x 600 mm x 1600mm


240 kg

Drive unit        


Max. piston stroke

100 mm

Crosshead speed range:

5 - 400 mm/min



Max. test force

50 kN

Force transducer

load cell 50 kN / 0.5%

Dilatation transducer

linear potentiometer