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Sound absorption ability of EPS, Glass and Rock wools, …

DST-100.Vibro  Dynamic stiffness tester

Standards: EN 29052-1

The DST-100.Vibro apparatus is used to determine dynamic stiffness of thermal insulating materials and through that determine the sound insulating characteristics of the material in accordance with the EN 29052-1/ISO 9052 standard


Dynamic stiffness of a material is determined to quantitatively derive its ability to absorb sound.


The DST-100.Vibro is designed for measurement of dynamic stiffness of thermal and sound insulation materials according to EN 29052-1/ISO 9052 standard. The DST-100.Vibro is used for materials such as: EPS, mineral wool, glass wool, polyurethane foam and similar.

The DST-100.Vibro is intended for industrial testing , quality control and factory production control of dynamic stiffness of thermal and sound insulation materials.

Machine frame and operation

Dimensions (L x W x H)

500 x 500 x 750 mm


38 kg

Granite base weight

105 kg

Frequency range

0 - 100 Hz

Load cell

0 - 10 N